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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Luminox 20th Anniversary, Navy SEAL watch

I've been looking for a nice, simple and cheap watch for daily use. I need it to be big, chunky and tough like the rest of my watches but I needed a cheap watch this time. I also wanted it to be a quartz movement so I don't have to wind and reset the watch everytime I want to wear it.

Most importantly, it has to be all black. I've wanted an all black watch for the longest time. I've been wishing Rolex would make an all black Explorer or Explorer II so I can partner it with my black face Explorer II but until today, Rolex has stuck with the classic stainless steel look. :(

Looking at all those criteria I set kinda makes life difficult eh? Well, my wife did it! She found 1 that met every criteria I had set. She bought a Luminox 20th Anniversary, Navy SEAL watch and gave it to me for my birthday today. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

I absolutely loooooooove this watch. It's nice, it's lovely, it's black and best of all it's cheap! Hehe. I don't have to worry about getting robbed while wearing expensive watches now. It's pretty scary to be wearing an expensive watch during this gloomy economic period. Lotsa robberies going on and I don't intend to be a victim anytime soon. Hehe.

Sooooooooo............ here's a quick picture taken with my iPhone. I'm rushing out to celebrate my birthday right now. I will take some proper pictures of it once I get home. Hehe.

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