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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Photography, my long lost love.

I have been so into triathlons the past 2 years, I almost forgot about photography, one of the loves of my life. So I went to the dry cabinet, in search of a camera to reignite my love for photography.

This lil Fuji X10's been sitting in the dry cabinet for 2 years. I actually forgot I had it. Dusted it off and took it out for a walkabout the past few days and enjoyed myself sooooooooooo much. There's just something about these lil cameras......pure enjoyment instead of lugging the big huge DSLR and lenses.

I spent the next few days with my X10 and fell in love all over again. Haven't felt the pure joy of photography in such a long time.

Here's a few pics from the walkabout with my darling X10.

I have since fallen deeply, madly in love again. I am back!

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