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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

     This place just opened yesterday at 1 Utama. The boss was standing outside, persuading people to go inside to try his food. He was very persuasive and.............we fell into the trap.

     The service was of the worst order. I have never experienced service this bad. They didn't even get our order right and the wait for food was excruciatingly long.

    They didn't even have the cow sense to serve our drinks first. It was 45 loooooooooong minutes before the Snowy Char Siew Pau starters arrived. Best thing was, there wasn't even any cutlery to eat with. It was just a plate of pau in the middle of the empty table. And the drinks were still not served. I had to ask for the drinks and cutlery again and again and again. The staff didn't even speak a word of English. I switched to speaking Malay and the bloody idiots didn't speak Malay either..........

     The rest of the food came one by one after close to an hour. That is the worst possible way to serve Chinese food. If the food was fantastic, I might have forgiven them. But...........the food was just terrible.

     Look at this horrible looking pork rice I ordered. One look at it and you know it is served with cheap ass rice. You know the horrible type of cheap rice that clumps together and has a bitter taste? Even the neighbourhood chicken rice shop serves grade A, long grain rice, but this so called  Hong Kong thingy place is serving cheap ass rice!

    The rest of the food was so abysmal.......I stopped taking pictures altogether. The beef noodles' soup was cold, the serving of noodles was so small, probably meant for a bird.

     After all that aggro and bad food came the best part. The bill was an exorbitant rm90 for 2x beef noodles, 1x pork rice, char siew pau and Chinese tea.

     My friends, if you treasure your sanity, taste buds and money..........please, please, please stay away from this disaster area.

Fisherman gives this place a big fat F for fail.

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