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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Titanium D-Lux 4

Leica D-Lux4 Titanium
Found this big picture of the Limited Edition Titanium Leica D-Lux4 on the net at last. Heard about it before but the pictures were all so small. Boy oh boy, is it beeeeeeeeeautiful or what? It just looks absolutely awesome in that titanium color. It also comes with that leather case. I wonder if the leather case will be available separately for current D-Lux 4 users. If only I hadn't bought my D-Lux4 yet. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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rahleinad said...

Hey dude,
I call dibs on your D-lux 4 if you're goin to buy the limited edition!
See you got ready buyer already!

MaJa said...

hey. came here from lowyat. if ur thinking of selling your d-lux4, just contact me.. im using the same username in the forum too..

MaJa said...

oops.. sorry.. my username at lowyat is khairolnizam

ForestChew said...

i saw this when leica launch the product in 1 world hotel , they said this will come after CNY

Daniel said...

I found this article abt the Titanium Leica here,39029429,49300421,00.htm

Viriidity said...

Hey, where can i get it here in Malaysia! im drooling for it

Daniel said...

I found it on Pre-order from Yamiya!
RM4999! Ouch!

MrsRance said...

Ian, is it worth to buy the Titan?

Anonymous said...

I can hardly convince myself to pay 3k for the black Dlux4. I definitely cant afford the Titan. I wanted to say if you decide to buy the Titan and wants to sell off your black red dot, let me know....but a dozen ppl already beat me to it...*sigh*

I wish they come out with a White version! Like the M8 or even the Clux3 have a white version.

I think you can buy the case separately but it wont be silver in color but dark mocca brown. It doesnt have a belt loop like the case you have which I prefer.


Anonymous said...

here you go -
D-LUX 4 - Everready case - mocca - 18705


Ian Ho said...

Well, if you have the money then why not? I'm pretty happy with my black DL4 so I guess I'll just stick with it. White color would be pretty cool if it ever comes out.