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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

True Broadband Singapore

Here's a picture I took in Singapore recently. It got me so angry about the state of Malaysian broadband.

Just look at the speeds they're getting in Singapore! 100Mbps!!!!! That is why Singapore is now a 1st World Country and Malaysia is still in the dumps. Silly Malaysian government keeps harping about reaching out to more people, to connect more Malaysians to the internet. What a load of bollocks. They really should sort out the infrastructure 1st before trying to spread themselves so thin and trying to get more subscribers for Streamyx.

As it is, Streamyx can hardly cope with the current subcribers at 1Mbps speeds. I wish they'd sort out the system and get the speeds up to proper broadband by today's standards before trying to get more and more subscribers throughout the nation. 1Mbps is no longer called broadband, it's TortoiseBand if you ask me. We have 10 years to go before Wawasan 2020(Government's vision of making Malaysia 1st World) and we're still crawling along at 1Mbps. :(

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TY said...

20 years ago, we were the 1st country to introduce broadband in Asia and brag about the optic fiber that we have laid through out the peninsula.

20 years later, we are still in the status when it all started. If you travel to Seoul, you will be amaze the speed there; even 5 level below group in the tube you still able to receive the broadband frequency.

All the develop countries, like UK, Europe, US and some Asia countries, the broadband services cover HD TV, Internet and IP phone. All you have to pay just a fraction of cost but in Bolah Land everything charge separately and extra expensive.