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Sunday, August 22, 2010

World's Most Expensive Lomo camera

Saw this while I was out shopping today and I just had to get it. I now have the World's Most Expensive Lomo camera. Haha.

The small box is the Diana F to EOS adaptor and the big box is the lens set that includes the 55mm lens and a close up attachment. It even comes with a viewfinder for the Diana camera but I won't be using that on my camera.


Here's the World's Most Expensive Lomo camera!


A closer look at the Lomo lens on my Canon EOS 1D.


Can't wait to go try it out tomorrow. Hehehe.


Vincent Pang said...

so small, might have strong vignetting

Ian Ho said...

It's meant to vignette. Part of the feature list. Hehehe. The close up lens is amazing. Allows me to go right up to the subject, will make for some really unique photos.

signither said...

pics or it didn't happen! lol!

Ian Ho said...

Hehe. Pics coming soon.

TY said...

Hi bro, new gadget...where is the place that sells it? And please upload some pic.

Ian Ho said...

I bought it from the Rip Curl shop in KLCC. Adapter was rm50. The lens kit was rm200. No pics yet as I have another new camera which I have been enjoying for the past few weeks. Havent had time to try out the Lomo kit yet. Hehe

May said...

I didn't quite like it =.=' and it sure is one of my regret buys

try investing in toycameras. they r funner .. for eg Yashica EZ Digital F521 @