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Monday, February 16, 2009

D-Lux 4 case

Look what I just got today. I went over to the local Distributor for Leica in Malaysia this afternoon and picked up the brown leather case for the D-Lux 4. Best thing is that it's totally free. Now, that's what I call good after sales service! They really do care about what happens after the sale and make sure their customers stay happy. Big huge thanks to Leica and Schmidt Marketing Malaysia.

This is currently the promotion for people who buy the Leica D-Lux4 now. After the warranty registration, you just go over to the Schmidt office in Petaling Jaya to pick up the lovely leather case which has a retail value of about rm700 if I remember correctly. This was the price I was quoted a few months back when I asked the local Leica dealers. They wanted a deposit on it before ordering 1 unit for me. I didn't buy it coz I wanted to try out the actual thing to see if it will fit my camera with the Ricoh LC-1 cap on it. After getting my case today, I can now confirm that the case will work with the Ricoh LC-1 cap. Thank heavens I didn't buy it then as it's free now for all D-Lux 4 owners. I bought my D-Lux 4 waaaaaaaay back in November when it was just launched so I guess just about everyone else will be able to get 1 too. Now all you fellas better hurry on over to Schmidt Marketing to claim that lovely leather case.

I'm sooooooooooo happy right now. I can't believe how much money I've saved. I now have the D-Lux 4 + Leather case + a Panasonic LX-3 for the same price as just the D-Lux 4 + Leather case in Shanghai. It's like I've gotten the LX-3 for free coz I saved about rm1700 which is what I paid for the LX3. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....... free is goooood. Hehehe.

Here's a picture of the leather case I picked up earlier today.

Just in case you guys wanna call Schmidt to check on the availability b4 going over there, here's their contact page. Just mouse over Malaysia and you'll see the Malaysian Branch details.
Schmidt Contact

Here's the map to the Schmidt office.
Map to Schmidt

Added on February 17.
I've received quite a few queries regarding the Panasonic LX3 fitting into this lovely Leica leather case. So here's some pics for you guys. Yes the case works for all you LX3 owners too so hurry over to the nearest Leica dealer and grab 1 for yourself. It's an absolutely gorgeous case.

As you can see in this pic, the LX3 grip sits nicely within the U shaped cut out in the case. It fits perfectly.

If you liked this article or found it helpful, please check out the advertisements ya? You can also buy the leather cases from Amazon through the links below. Your support is much appreciated. :) :) :)


Jürgen Hahn said...

Thank you for this nice blog!!
I'm very interested in your topics.
One month ago, I also got a LX3 and I'm very happy about it.
Now, I've got a question which I think is very easy to answer for you because you can see the direct comparison. Does the LX3 fit into the D-Lux 4 Leather Case?
There are a few people out in the web who tell something about. But it not really helped me very good.
Perhaps you could show some pics of the comparison.
I would thank you so much.
The case is so fantastic!!!
I love it!!!
I want it for my LX3!!!! ;-)
Greetings from Germany
And keep it on!!!! bye

ianho said...

Hi Jurgen,

I've added some pictures of the LX3 sitting nicely in that sexy lil case. Now, RUN Jurgen RUNnnnnnnnnnn to the nearest Leica dealer n grab it. Hehehe.

anf said...

It's looking totally sweet~~

Anonymous said...

looks great but the bad news is if you have the optional grip attachment on the leica it won't fit in the case :(
so i'm waiting for them to make one that can accomodate the grip.

Yi Ling said...

Hey there, I chanced upon your blog when I was making comparisons between Leica D-Lux 4 and LX 3..I was wondering whether you mind telling me how much u got the DLux 4 for? Did u get it in Msia?

ianho said...

Yi Ling,
I bought the D-Lux4 in Malaysia for rm3039 back in November 2008. I'm not sure about the price now.

Anonymous said...

i was debating in my mind and having a couple of sleepless nights convincing myself to pay double the price of a LX3 for the Leica. Finally I made up my mind and went down to the store yesterday but they told me that the offer for the free leather case is over. I had to pay an extra rm200 now which is not too bad but it has completely derailed my willingness to pay that kind of money for the Leica.

I really like the minimalist look of the Leica as compare to LX3 which is not too bad too,I actually like the grip as well but prefer the Leica plain looks.

I dont know, to fork out 3k for something that cost 1.6k doesnt makes much money sense. This kind of money can buy a good DSLR already. I guess I am not there yet if I have to think like that.

The thought of a upcoming new model (maybe micro4/3) is another factor.

So sad I cant have the Leica.... :(

Ian Ho said...

Well, u hafta think about the 3 year warranty provided by Leica. The editing software is also pro quality. The software provided by Panasonic is basic 1,2,3 stuff.

BUT since u didnt get it then, u really should take a look at the Olympus E-P1 now. Compact body with big huge SLR sensor, changeable lenses sounds fantastic.

David said...


Thanks for the pics of the LX3 in the D-LUX 4 case. Do you know if the Lumix DMC-LX5 also fits in the D-LUX 4 case? I love the look of this for my wife's brand new white LX5.

The only down side to the D-LUX 4 case is the camera must be removed sans neck strap to take photos. What do you think of this vs. the Panasonic case which flips open and allows the strap to stay in place?

Thanks in advance.


Ian Ho said...

David, the LX5 and D-Lux5 look about the same size as the D-Lux4 so I reckon they would fit in the case too.

Don't worry about the strap as the Leica case comes with the wrist strap as shown in my picture above.