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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mac Daddy part 2

Ok. Here comes the pictures of the complete Mac Daddy project. I chose the BBS RS-GT wheels in the end coz I love BBS wheels. What I did was send the wheels to a paintshop for a custom paintjob in a textured matt black. This way, I get both my favorite wheels n favorite color. Hehe. I also got the dual AMG exhaust pipes done so now Mac Daddy is complete.

List of things done so far is:-
1. CL style radiator grille
2. Flat bonnet emblem
3. K&N intake
3. Eibach suspension
4. AMG dual pipes
5. 80% window tint
6. 18" BBS RS-GT wheels
7. 225/40/18 front tires. 255/35/18 rear tires
8. Red engine cover. Painted with Krylon Fusion plastic paint.

Here's the final pictures.

Me4rcedes C200K

Mercedes C200K

Mercedes C200K

I did the red engine cover myself using Krylon Fusion plastic paint. It's a nice glossy red which doesnt really show in the picture.

Project Mac Daddy is now complete and I dont think I will be adding more stuff to it. It's now time to just enjoy driving it as a daily driver. My initial thoughts about turning it into a 250hp fire breather has been scrapped. I've decided to just let it be the gentleman express it's meant to be.

Now how am I gonna quench my thirst for more power n performance? Well, I've decided to get another car for that purpose. I'm now torn between getting a Mercedes AMG C36, Lancer Evolution 7 GTA or Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo R. I was initially thinking of the C36 but I'm thinking seriously about the Airtrek now as it provides everything that I want which is- fire breathing power, handling, 2 sunroofs, Tiptronic gearbox, big huge hatchback boot(for my dog), good looking. What do you guys think? C36, Airtrek Turbo R or Evo 7 GTA?? Please share your opinions with me.


Ian said...

hey! did you use to sell ps games and like.. movies in taman tun next to that coffee shop?!

ianho said...

Hehe. Yes, that was my lepak place for friends to come hang out with me n play games. I sold it off as I had important matters to attend to. It was sad having to give up my lepak place. :(

MAAM said...

Could you please let me know where you got the rims? Have been looking everywhere for BBS RS-GT wheels. Thanks! Nice ride!!!