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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vista SP2 issues with keyboard & mouse

The almighty Microsoft has done it again. My PC used to go to Sleep and resume flawlessly while it was on SP1. After I upgraded to SP2, my keyboard & mouse have stopped working after resume. The keyboard does wake the PC up when I tap it, but it's as if Windows can't see my keyboard and mouse after that. If I wait a while longer like 1-2 minutes, it sometimes detects my keyboard & mouse. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to reboot. This just absolutely sucks.

I'm reading up on it and will try to get my keyboard & mouse working again. Hopefully I can get it sorted out soon coz my rig consumes a whole lot of power as it's a Quad core, 3 way SLI set up. I hate having to shutdown and reboot throughout the day and currently have my PC turned on all day long. :( Having the PC on all day long is just killing me during this current heat wave. It's also gonna kill my wallet with all that electricity being consumed needlessly. I'll be sure to share the solution IF I manage to sort it out.

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Anonymous said...

Any success finding the solution?