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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hutchinson Atom Tubeless, worst tires ever!

   These are the worst tires I have ever tried. They are nothing but trouble. They are also a huge pain in the ass to install and bead on the rims. It also costs a big bundle of money which is not proportionate to the service I have gotten out of it.

I have had 3 failures. 1st failure was a puncture on the very first ride. I patched it but it was unusable as the tire casing swelled up around the hole.

2nd failure was inability to bead and seal even with Stans Sealant inside. 

3rd failure is this delamination of the rubber thread. I just did a 100km ride on the turbo trainer and felt a funny vibration. Checked the tire and what I saw was horrific delamination. 

    This tire is so expensive at rm300 yet it is totally useless. Absolutely useless. Stay away from it at all costs. I'm going back to my good ol reliable Continental GP4000S. 
     Fisherman's rating out of 5 Stars? I give it negative 5 stars. 

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