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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Look honey, IKEA shrank the muffins!

I haven't been to IKEA Cafe for a very long time coz the crowds are just insane. And I HATE crowds. I figured it would be nice and quiet now due to the month of Ramadhan and decided to have my afternoon cuppa coffee and also my favorite blueberry muffins.

True enough, the place was practically deserted. Not many ppl around so I was quite happy to have my coffee there today.

I was happy until..........I saw the size of the puny little thing. The muffin used to be huge. Just look at how tiny it is now. I put the iPhone 4S there to give you a sense of scale.

This is ridiculous! IKEA Cafe used to be known as a value for money place for some decent food. Looks like they have shrunk the muffin and also raised the price. If I remember correctly, the blueberry muffin used to be only rm1. It is now rm1.59.

They have also stopped using proper coffee mugs and switched to paper cups. I hate paper cups! The coffee absorbs the smell and taste of the paper cup and tastes like $#*+! Not only that, paper cups are bad for the environment. Whatever happened to IKEA being an environmentally conscious company?

I don't know if they have raised the prices and shrunk the food portions but based on the muffins, I'd think the food will be the same. I certainly won't be going back to IKEA Cafe anytime soon. It used to be one of my favorite afternoon tea places more.

Fisherman no likey!

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