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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Gravy Factory

      Found another superb place for makan today. It's located at Heritage Lane, Damansara Perdana.

     Nice ambiance, good wifi, good food. 

  I started with the onion soup. It's a massive bowl. Biggest bowl of onion soup I've ever seen. It comes with garlic bread. The soup was superb. It's a chunky style texture like thick mushroom soup. The garlic bread tastes really good in the soup.

   Next up was the Hainan Chicken Chop. I've been looking for a good Hainan Chicken Chop for the longest time. My favorite used to be in Port Dickson but that restaurant closed down many years ago.  I have finally found it. This is the BEST Hainan Chicken Chop. The bread layer is just perfect, the sauce is superb. Nice crispy skin and the chicken is cooked perfectly. Sooooooooo good I ordered another serving to take home.

    This is the Baked Crab. I don't really eat seafood but this was really good. The crab meat is mixed up like a meatball and layed on the crab shell. It's like a giant crab meatball with big chunks of crab meat inside.

   The pricing is quite reasonable. Rm8.90 for the onion soup, Rm20.90 for the chicken chop and Rm20.90 for the Baked Crab. The ice water was free! When was the last time you got free water in a restaurant eh?

     Fisherman gives full approval to The Gravy Factory.

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