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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

F1 Shanghai, China

Such a booooooooooooooooring race. 10 laps behind safety car is absolute bollocks. They should do it like in the old days where they delay the start. Anyway, I'm happy Sebastien Vettel won coz he's 1 of my fav drivers. Great that Red Bull has proven that all that bull(pun intended) about illegal diffusers is a moot point. Red Bull doesn't run those double/triple decker diffusers yet they're winning.

Oh and you guys watching the live telecast in Malaysia, do you guys prefer watching it on ESPN Starsports or NTV7? I prefer NTV7 coz I like the proper and intelligent commentary from Martin Brundle. Those commentators over at ESPN are just useless. Only problem with NTV7 is that Daphne Iking girl who appears before and after the race. She's really ANNOYING! Hardly knows what she's rambling about and doesn't even dress nicely. Can't believe she wore a rotten baby polo T with exposed belly. How's that even allowed by our Nazi TV censorship board??????

Anyway, here's hoping for a totally dry and exciting next race. God forbid a once in 20 years rain storm hits the desert during F1 weekend. LOL. That'll be a total bummer.

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