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Monday, March 1, 2010

Eco friendly lawn mower

I decided to do my bit for the environment by going green. I bought a human powered lawn mower to save the planet. No need for electricity or fuel. A nice fat pizza and a can of Coke after mowing the lawn will do. Hehehe.

It takes a fair bit of effort but it's good exercise so I'm not complaining. I get to save the planet and keep fit at the same time. The only guy who's not gonna like this is my gardener. I've told him to stop mowing my lawn and he's lost out on the income he derives from mowing my lawn. Haha.

It's a Bosch AHM30 and it cost me rm334(US$100) including the optional grass catcher. They're called Push-Reel Mowers. Anyway, here's how my new lawn mower looks like.

The mower with optional grass catcher sitting on top of the box.

Opening up the box.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here's my contribution to saving the planet. Hehehe.

I think it's superbbbbbbbb coz it doesn't make any noise like electric and gas powered mowers. I can mow my lawn anytime or day, even early on a Sunday morning if I so wish. Mowing the lawn with an electric or gas powered mower on a Sunday morning will get you killed in most neighbourhoods. LOL.


Aaron said...

I love these push mowers, but if you have a slightly larger yard, why not try a peddle-powered mower like this new bike/mower design.
It is not always practical to use a hand push mower, but by adding a bike, it becomes much more reasonable.

Ian Ho said...

Wow! I've never seen a pedal powered mower before. The push reel mower suits me just fine though. It's good exercise. Hehe