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Saturday, March 27, 2010

PS3 Slim 250gb

I've been thinking about buying an Upscaling DVD or BluRay player for the past 2 weeks. It's to be used with the 42" Plasma TV in my bedroom.. Such a I decided to end the headache and just buy another PS3 today. It's incredibly cheap now. So much cheaper than the fat PS3 I bought a few years back. It's slimmer, lighter and quieter. It's a hell of a lot quieter actually. The fat PS3 I have in the living room sounds like a jet engine with full afterburners on. LOL.

I also bought a few games including the awesome God of War 3. Just reached the 1st save point and I'm absolutely loving it. Will clock a few more hours of the game before I write more about it.

Anyway, here's today's loot.

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Here's the new lean, mean machine out of the box. I prefer the looks of the old, fat PS3 though. The shiny fat PS3 has a really avantgarde look to it. The new PS3 Slim just looks like a cheap black thing.

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Anyway, it's so cheap now, I really don't mind the cheap looks. It's gonna be sitting inside the TV cabinet anyway. Can't complain much when it costs about half of what I paid for the old fat PS3. Hehe


Kevin Ho said...

How much did u get it for Ian?
I have been itching for a long time also, especially since FFXIII launched~! @.@

Ian Ho said...

Hehe. Let's just say it's much cheaper than retail. I get my games stuff at wholesale prices coz I used to own a games shop. Anyway, most shops sell it for about rm1520-1550. Best Denki has an offer now. Rm1600 n u get a free FF13 or Fifa2010. Best Denki also has the 120gb set at rm1299 n u only add rm100 for the extra controller.