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Monday, July 19, 2010

Delifrance Amazing Spaghetti Deal

This is something I've been enjoying with my kids for the past 2 weeks. It's an amazing deal from Delifrance. The spaghetti meals usually cost rm16 but during this promotional period they only cost rm6! You can choose from the 3 available types of spaghetti- Beef Bolognaise, Chicken Bolognaise or Chicken Forestiere. All 3 flavors are nice. We like them all and we're certainly going to take advantage of this promo till the end of this month. I proclaim this to be the month of Pasta. Hehe.

Here's the promotional leaflet.

Here's the Pasta Beef Bolognaise I had today. Don't expect 5 star hotel style presentation. It's quite sloppily presented but it tastes good and most importantly, it's damn cheap. Haha.


Chia said...

Does it come with a good serving of fine Pramegano cheese?
I am off to KL later this week, so it would be good to know ...

Ian Ho said...

I don't like cheese with my spaghetti so I didn't check if they have it.