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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I finally found the time to finish off this game last week. It is an excellent game with fantastic graphics. Gameplay was awesome all through the game too. However, the ending ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! Killzone 2's end is 1 of the most ridiculous ever.

The difficulty is in trying to figure out the best way to kill Visari. It isn't all that hard to kill Visari once you've figured out the method though. Worst thing is that even after you've figured out the best way to kill Visari, it then takes an inordinately long time to actually kill him off. It took me 16 minutes! 16 minutes of doing the same boring thing over and over again is not what a final boss fight should be. That is just plain stupidity. It's almost as if the devs did a superb job all the way through and just fell asleep at the very end. LOL.

Here's the method I used.
1. Clear out all the enemies in final room.
2. Run upstairs and clear the room again.
3. Once room is cleared again, wait upstairs near the gun racks.
4. Grab the sniper rifle from rack before Visari appears from out of nowhere.
5. Jump downstairs to the doorway. This is the door we came in at the beginning of the stage.
6. Drop sniper and grab shotgun from the rack in doorway.
7. Wait for Visari to teleport right in front of the doorway. Look out for the tell tale electric flash.
8. Pump him with 2 shots when he rushes into the doorway.
9. Keep repeating step 8 for the longest time.
10. Visari gives up and appears at the far end of the room, on top of the stairs.
11. Pick up the sniper rifle I dropped earlier at the doorway gun rack.
12. Snipe his big fat belly from within the doorway.
13. The End.

It's just basically 16 minutes of mindless repetition. Plain stupid. I rate this as 1 of the worst endings to a game ever. There is 1 big thing going for this game though. It's the online multi player part that I love. It's highly addictive trying to gain rank. So.................if you haven't already tried Killzone 2, buy it, play it, enjoy it, expect a shitty ending, love it all over again for the multi player.

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