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Friday, July 17, 2009

Moon Landing, 40th Anniversary

As the picture shows, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on July 20th 1969, 40 years ago. How many of you actually believe the American Government?? I say it's all horseshit! They expect us to believe that we went to the moon with computers so primitive that they're only as powerful as a normal digital watch today! There are countless other theories about the fake photos, physics and all that too. Ever heard about the Van Allen belt? The astronauts should have been fried to a crisp if they ever made it that far out to space. Even with current modern technology at low orbits around the earth, spacewalks are considered extremely dangerous. Let's not even talk about the moon astronauts prancing about the moon surface, playing golf and all. Just do a quick Google session on the moon landings and you will see thousands of facts pointing to moon landings being a total hoax.

Anyway, even without getting into all that technical stuff, here's my simple question to NASA. If you managed to put men on the moon 40 years ago with such primitive technology, wouldn't it be a stroll in the park to send men to the moon again with current technology available today?

Since it should be so easy to send men to the moon now after technology has progressed so much, don't you think Russia would have sent their own men to the moon to debunk the fact that Americans arrived there in 1969? Considering the Russians were waaaaaaay ahead of America in the Space Race, sending Sputnik up 1st, sending Yuri Gagarin up into space 1st, why was it impossible for Russia to send men to the moon then? Since Russia is now a broken country, all I can hope is for a future Super Power(China perhaps?) to send men to the moon for real sometime in the future. We will then know for sure if it was the biggest hoax of all time.

Here's a few really interesting books about the "Moon Landings".


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Ian Ho said...

In that same article in wikipedia, it also says the Russians have mirrors up there on the Lunokhod unmanned craft. The existence of those mirrors do not prove man was there.