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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I looove my new Apple MacMini


Finally bought a new Apple system for my photo storage purposes. I was using an old PowerMac G5 previously. After buying my new MacBook Air and experiencing the power of the new generation of Macs, I just had to get a new Mac for my desktop. The PowerMac G5 felt absolutely glacial compared to my new MacBook Air.

I bought Apple's Aperture 3 software to go along with this new system too. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it. Everything's just perfect now. I have enough power to edit photos and lotsa hard disk space for storage. Using the 30" ACD for viewing albums and editing pictures in Aperture 3 is just absolutely fantastic. Next up would be a ram upgrade to 8gb. Apple doesn't mention it officially in the spec sheets but the Mac Mini will handle 8gb of ram. That would be a really nice upgrade but I guess I'll wait a while more for the price of 4gb sticks to drop a wee bit more. The current price is a lil bit expensive at about rm650(USD200) a stick.

Oh I forgot to mention that I bought the Magic Mouse and Wireless keyboard too. The Magic Mouse is simply magical. I love the touch ability of the mouse and it's got a laser sensor for superb accuracy on any surface. It's a bit like the touchpad on my MacBook Air. It's so beautiful to look at. A marvel of industrial design. The bottom part is hunk of aluminum and the top is a piece of glass. The battery life is really good, I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and the battery level is still at 85%. The keyboard is lovely too, a solid hunk of aluminum. The battery life is still at 100% after 2 weeks! The mouse and keyboard costs a fair bit of money but it's worth it. I'd like the keyboard even more if Apple made it backlit just like the MacBooks. I don't see why they can't do it when they're charging us so much for it.


TY said...

Mac is superb machines, started off with the ipod 2nd generation and gradually changes all my house hold desktop and notebooks to Apple product.

Using Mac for photos editing and video creation is so easy as compare to window is such a pain.

Ian Ho said...

I started with the iPhone when it 1st appeared. Fell in love with the way the OS works so I figured the Apple OS on the Macs would be nice too. Then I got myself a PowerMac G5 n that's when I really started to like Mac OSX. I've now fully converted to Macs. Looooooooooove it.