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Monday, September 20, 2010

Leica Emotion

This video just about sums up how most Leica users feel. I still remember the day my dad first allowed me to touch and use his rangefinder. It truly felt like a holy object to me. I've always loved rangefinders ever since. There's no feeling like using the manual aperture ring, setting your own shutter speed, focussing the rangefinder and SNAP! It's one of the best experiences in life. All photographers should try out a rangefinder if they haven't yet.

Those on a tight budget can always buy a Voigtlander or Zeiss Ikon. Actually, you can get a Leica too. Just hunt around for a classic M3. It's cheap and built like a tank. Just imagine a camera built in the 1950's and still taking lovely photographs until today.
I'm very sure you will fall in love with the rangefinder way of taking photos. Don't blame me if you decide to move on to the MP, M8 or M9 though. They are extremely expensive and very bad for your financial health. Haha.

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