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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Corsair H50 vs TRUE

I've been cracking my head over what to do with my PC cooling. I was using a Swiftech H2O Compact 120 previously and I was very happy with the performance and temperatures it provided for my overclocked Q6600. My Q6600 is only moderately overclocked to 3ghz so I don't really need a super custom water cooling set up. The Swiftech H2O Compact 120 kept my Q6600 at a very nice temperature of about 45C under full load with room temperature of about 30C. All I did was modify it to use clear vinyl 3/8" tubes and an externally mounted radiator. The Apogee Drive block has cracked though. It got damaged at the recent KL PC Fair. :( I'm pretty sad about this as I really liked the Swiftech Compact kit with the simple mods I did to it. It was a nice and simple system which kept my CPU adequately cool.

I'm now using a Thermalright IFX 14 while deciding on a new cooling system. Just in case you're wondering, the IFX 14 performs about the same as the Swiftech H20 kit. They both peak at about 45C under full load. What I really don't like is the size and noise of the IFX 14. I have to run the 120x38mm fan at full speed of 2200rpm where as the Swiftech kit was running the same fan at only about 1500rpm. The gigantic proportions of the IFX14 also creates another problem. Extremely hot Northbridge and PWM temperatures. I can't use the fans that come with my motherboard on the Northbridge and PWM heatpipe radiators because the IFX14 blocks off just about everything in there.

So I started looking around at some really nice water cooling set ups like an MCP350 with XSPC mod top, MCR 320 rad, GTZ block. That should be a really good set up with low noise and super cool temps. Then I started thinking really hard about whether I can justtify spending so much money on such a system. It's gonna cost a whole lot of money if I went ahead with that set up. The main reason is, I don't really need such a set up for a Q6600 running at only 3ghz.

Then I thought about getting a TRUE as it cools really well and it's a lot smaller than the IFX14. It should allow me to install fans on the motherboard heatpipes. Problem is that the TRUE needs even noisier fans than the IFX14 and I hate noisy PCs.

Finally, I thought about the Corsair H50 which was shown at the recent Computex. It's a nice and compact system. It will take only a few minutes to install and needs no maintenance. That's a major factor right there.... no maintenance. I hate messing about with water cooling systems due to the maintenance aspect of it. I want a reliable, simple and maintenance free water cooling system. So, should I get the Corsair H50 or a Black Edition TRUE? I've been reading up on reviews the whole night and it seems to beat the TRUE upside down and it does so with a lot less noise too.

Here's a really funny video of Corsair testing the H50 vs TRUE. H50 kicks the pants off the TRUE and they call it Brand X cooler. LOL.


Anonymous said...

So did you get the H50? If so, what are your temps as compared to the IFX14?

Ian Ho said...

Ya I did but have been too busy to do a write up on it. Will do so soon.

micro said...

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Twist's Paradise said...

Well I have to question this video mainly because it was ran BY corsair.

So you can't be 100% sure. Plus they didn't use the same parts thus one chip could have ran cooler then the other.

Its a flawed video for validation.

Ian Ho said...

Well, I went ahead n bought the H50 n it works like a charm. Best thing about it is how compact n simple it really is.

BTW, that's a really nice avatar u got there. Hehehe

Twist's Paradise said...

Thanks :P Yoko has been my favorite ava for 5 years since I met her in Tokoyo.

Yeah its a good cooler without doubt but my main issue is I can't mount it on the outside and you have to change your hair flow for best results.

I can't wait to see the next generation versions of these hybrid though.

Ian Ho said...

I didn't change the airflow of my case. I've actually mounted the radiator at the top of my Silverstone RV02 without any loss of performance. I guess the RV02 has more than enuf intake with those 3 gigantic intake fans at the bottom.