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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fixing Dark Knight for KL PC Fair

Here's the work staring at me for Saturday morning. I had to make sure everything was nice and dry, install it all back, check that it all works properly and have it transported back to the PC Fair in the evening. Pheeeeeeeeeew. That's a whole lotta work for 1 day eh?

Water block unit and rams removed for drying overnight.

Now that the water cooling system is out of commission, I had to turn to my trusty Thermalright IFX14 to save the day.

I decided to do some mambo jumbo and turn into a black IFX14 to match the Dark theme.

Voila! A special edition black IFX14. Hehe. Don't try this at home ya. There's a whole lot of preparation work involved. Simply spraying it on is gonna result in lotsa paint peeling off later on. Wanna know how it's done? I can tell you but then I'd hafta kill you after that. Let's just say it's my secret recipe. Hehehe.

I can't use the HR10 backside cooler in the Raven 1. There's no space to fit in in. Soooooooo..... let's just chop it off. Again, I don't recommend anyone to do this. Chopping up a rm300 cooler is not for the faint hearted. LOL

Ready with the cutterrrrrrr...........

GO GO GO. Chop Chop Chop

Off with it's head!

After the beheading, I proceeded to install the backplate and then the IFX14 back onto the mobo. Here it is sitting pretty on the mobo ready for testing to see if everything survived the Amazonian flood yesterday.

10, 9, 8.......3, 2, 1 BOOOOOOOT!

Phewwwwww, thank the god of electronics that everything survived the Amazonian flood.

Time for everything to go back into the Raven for 1 last boot to make sure everything works fine and it's back to the PC Fair we goooooooo.

Everything worked fine and Dark Knight got back to the PC Fair at about 5pm on Saturday. I didn't even have time to go get some stuff for myself. I was too tired on Saturday. So I went home after making sure everything was good at the Silverstone booth. My gadget shopping would have to be postponed to Sunday. :)

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