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Saturday, August 8, 2009

KL PC Fair August 2009

Wow! The recently concluded PC Fair has got to be the most hectic weekend I've had in recent memory. I didn't get to sleep for 48 hours! I had spent a few days prior to the Pc Fair preparing my PC called Project Dark Knight for the Silverstone booth.

Everything was done in time and Dark Knight was delivered to the Silverstone booth on Friday. I arrived at the booth at about 1pm. Took a quick look inside the case to make sure the water cooling system was ok and survived the transportation. Everything looked good with no leaks, I then plugged it in and turned on the PC.

Here's Project Dark Knight at the booth before it started leaking.

Lo and behold it sprang a leak a few minutes after booting up the rig. :( The visual checks didn't show any leaks because there was no water pressure from the pump. The pump in my kit is a Swiftech MCP350 and that pump is known for it's high pressure. I took a look inside and found that the leak was from the Apogee Drive block and pump unit. It was leaking from the corners of the block where the CPU socket mounts are located. Arghhhhhhhhhh! Looks like it didn't survive the transportation after all. I quickly turned off the PC and wiped up all the coolant with lotsa paper towels. I was hoping that with the pump switched off, it would stop leaking so that I could leave the PC there for show until Sunday night when the PC Fair ends. It wouldn't stop leaking though. It kept dripping coolant onto my RAMs that were located right below the CPU socket. :( After a few hours of trying, I decided to take the rig home. Such a dissapointing end to the day. I know the block was ok before arriving at the fair as it is my daily use rig and it was running fine right up to the time I unplugged everything and packed it for transportation.

Anyway.............. I took it home and proceeded to strip everything out so I can dry out all the components. I was praying hard that everything survived although I was pretty sure nothing was damaged. I use only non conductive fluid for my system which is good but as we all know, even a non conducting fluid starts to conduct after a while due to contamination in the loop. I stripped out everything and left them all in front of a table fan blasting at full speed for the whole night. I then crashed out for the night. I was totally and utterly EXHAUSTED! Anyway, I'll get on to the PC Fair report now. If you're interested to see Dark Knight being fixed for the next day's action please proceed to Page 2.

OK.......... moving on to the PC Fair. I'll be focussing on my sponsors booths only ya. Please forgive the biased coverage. Hehehe. I'll start with the Silverstone booth.

Silverstone is Custom PC magazine's favorite chassis.

I only managed to get Dark Knight back to the Silverstone booth on Saturday at about 5pm.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The unveiling of the Silverstone RV02 also known as the Raven 2. Silverstone HQ in Taiwan has granted us Malaysian's a massive privilege. The Raven 2 has not been shown before except at the recently concluded Computex in Taiwan. I will be building my PC in this new Raven after the PC Fair.

Here are some of the other Silverstone casings at the booth.

Some of the accessories.

Moving on to the steelseries booth. Here's my favorite banner at the PC Fair.

They even have a nice PC that matches the color of the banner. A nice bright orange rig. It's an Acer Predator.

A closer look at the lovely Predator.

The steelseries mousepad section

Steelseries sound section

Next up is the Edifier speakers booth for some Boom Boom Boom. Sorry guys, I only took 2 pictures here coz the sound is just a little too loud for my liking. The Boom Boom Boom was giving me a pounding headache. LOL

Andddddddddddd............... that concludes my report on the most hectic PC Fair I've ever attended. Here's looking forward to a more serene PC Fair in the next quarter. Hehehe.

Page 2- Fixing Dark Knight


Jack's Spot said...

lolx,i saw alex on the pics,btw where's mine!?
good blog man

Ian Ho said...

Jack's Spot? Ur Edifier Jack?