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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jenson Button must not be World Champion!

Jenson is an arogant prick! He must not win the 2009 championship, I hope his engine blows up on the startline afterwards. Hopefully someone from the back takes him out at the 1st corner if he doesn't stall or explode at the start line.

My prediction for this race in Brazil is Rubens Barichello for the win. Jenson Button DNF! Who want's to bet with me? Hehehe.

GO RUBENS GO! Win the World Championship and take the number 1 plate to Williams next year. Haha.

Edit- Oh dagnabbit! Jenson is the World Champion. :( Oh well, at least Mercedes is World Champion again. That makes me happy. Hehehe.


Vincent Pang said...

too bad Button is 2009 F1 champion

Ian Ho said...

nevermind, Mercedes is champion too so I'm happy. Hehehe