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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gaming mousepad. DIY for $1.50

I was shopping at Ikea yesterday and saw something which immediately lit a light bulb in my head. It's a flexible chopping board called Dralla. It only costs $3(rm10) for 2 pieces and I'm gonna make it into a gaming grade mousepad. Here's a step by step guide on making your very own $1.50(rm5) gaming mousepad.

1. Buy the Dralla flexible chopping board set from Ikea. It comes with 2 pieces inside. Colors available are black, aqua and red. I chose black.
Here's how the Dralla chopping board looks like.

It comes with 2 pieces inside in different shades of color. The black set comes with grey and black.

2. Buy some car dashboard gripper mat. You can get this from most car accessories shops or even departmental stores at the carpet section(it's used for keeping carpets in place). It only costs a few bucks and you can use it all around the house and the car which is why I didn't include this in the cost of the mousepad.

3. Cut the gripper mat to size and put in on the Dralla. No glue is required as the gripper mat is very sticky by itself. Just lay it on the Dralla. I've put it slightly off the edges to show how it looks like on the Dralla. You should cut it to exact size instead.

4. Flip the Dralla mat over. The gripper mat should be between the Dralla mat and table.

5. Voila!!!!! We now have an Ikea branded gaming grade mousepad for only $1.50. :)

I have a Func 1030 pad too. I can tell you that this Dralla mat feels just like the Func 1030 pad. The Func pad cost $17(rm60) and this DIY mat only cost me $1.50(rm5). No more uber expensive branded mousepads for me from now on. I will only use my own $1.50 mousepads which perform just the same.

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Eric said...

Talk about creativity :)

Nice one, ianho.

Ian Ho said...

hehe, thanks Eric. Have u tried it yet?

Xcen said...

Thanks for your recommendation man! I'm currently using the Dralla and I must say I am absolutely impressed by it!

Ian Ho said...

Glad u guys like it, don't forget to send me a milo ais for saving u lotsa money ya? Hehehe

fr0stie f0n said...

wow ~ this is a nice one!
the mousepad is now washable too !

Looi Hong Aun said...

Good idea! I'm using a plastic table mat though, those fruity ones which you can buy from jusco :). the good thing is you can wash it, and cheap to replace.

Anonymous said...

Very useful! I also think that it is waste of money to buy so-called high quality mousepad.

tonypiz said...

The other day I was idly browsing the shelves at the local IKEA, when I suddenly remembered your DIY guide. I decided to buy one of those Dralla cutting board, and they actually make for really nice mousepads. Maybe I should have looked for the grip mat too, when I was there... ^^"
Thank you for the tip.

Bevin Chu said...

Thirty bucks or even more for a mousepad is insane!

As long as the surface of the kitchen cutting board from IKEA, or the green craft cutting board from some art supply store will track well with an optical mouse, what's the point of paying 20x as much?

I totally agree with your approach. Don't be ripped off by manufacturers who use "branding" to charge you ridiculous prices for a simple sheet of synthetic material.

Ian Ho said...

Yup. The so called PRO mousepads are just marketing bullshit and hype

Bevin Chu said...

My local Taipei IKEA branch was out of the Dralla cutting boards for nearly three months, so I was unable to cobble up my own mouse pad -- until now. Now I have, and it works just fine.

Basically any fairly matte or stippled surface will interact well with an optical mouse.

There's a lesson here. Don't be limited mentally by what manufacturers label and brand as a product. Instead, think about what that product actually is.

A "mouse pad" is nothing more than a flat sheet of whatever with the right surface texture.

A little experimentation will show you what is and is not usable as a "mouse pad."

You don't need some manufacturer to tell you what is and is not a "mouse pad."

As Apple use to say "Think different."

Sean Ng said...

Dralla should think about selling a gaming mouse pad...

Filipe said...

I bought this yesterday (Red and Green, because its colors they sell here in europe...) and it works really well i dont have the gripping mat yet but i dont need because my wood table is rough enough to hold it.

Andrew Thomas said...

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