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Monday, May 25, 2009

World Record laptop battery. 44 hours runtime!!

Check out the 3 cell battery runtime for my HP Mini 2133 netbook. It's 44.5 hours with 60% capacity left!!!!!!!! If that isn't a world record I dont know what is. LOL

Here's a screenshot of my World Record setting 3 cell battery for HP Mini 2133.

Actually......................... it's just a faulty battery. LOL. I've been getting some horrible runtimes in the past few days. I was getting only 1 hour flat on HP Optimized power profile in the past few days. It suddenly went bonkers and showed me this 44.5 hour thingy so I quickly took a screenshot of this rare occurence. Hehehe. Lucky for me, I have the 6 cell battery so I can send this faulty battery back to HP for RMA.

Next page- battery RMA, Hewlett Packard customer service rocks!

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