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Friday, May 15, 2009

How to: Upgrade HP Mini 2133 RAM

Here's the RAM upgrade DIY I did after installing Windows Vista into my Mini Note 2133. 1gb was insufferable while using Vista so I went out and got myself a stick of 2gb, DDR2, 667mhz ram to make Vista go a little bit quicker.

It's a bit puzzling at first as there's no port or panel that can be opened on the bottom of the Mini. Look under the Mini and all we see is this.

Let's get on with the RAM upgrade now. The ram slot is located right below the keyboard.

Step 1
Take out the battery and flip the Mini over. You will see the 3 little screws I've circled in red.

Remove the 3 screws circled in red.

Step 2
Remove the keyboard by picking up the top edge. I found it easier to pick up the top right side as in this picture-

Keep lifting the keyboard until you have full access to the ram. Like this-

Be very careful with the ribbon connector right in the middle. It's very fragile and your keyboard will be useless if that cable is torn.

Step 3
Now press the metal tabs holding the ram on both sides. My picture only shows me pressing one side as my other hand was taking the picture. The ram will pop up at an angle once released from the tabs. Remove it gently by sliding it out.

Step 4
Grab a new 2gb stick of ram. I bought Corsair 2gb, DDR2, 667mhz. It only cost me rm90($25). Remember guys, the Mini only takes up to 2gb. Don't try and install a 4gb stick as it's not supported and won't work.

Now just slide the ram into the slot at the same angle as when you removed it. Once it's completely inserted at an angle it will stop. Then you need to press straight down on the ram to let the two metal tabs on the side pop back on and hold the ram down and we're done.

Step 5
Put the keyboard back on. Make sure you insert the 4 tabs at the bottom edge, carefully into the 4 holes above the touchpad area before you pop the keyboard back in.

Step 6

Flip the Mini over again and install the 3 screws we removed earlier.

Do a final check to make sure the keyboard is secured.

Voila! The Mini Note is now equipped with 2gb of ram and ready to roll. Boot up the Mini and go to System Properties. Make sure Windows sees the 2gb ram and we're done.

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Fayzi said...

thanx dude for the great info

Ian Ho said...

No worries mate. Hope u enjoy the 2gb now. Hehe