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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Leica V-Lux 20

OMG! This new Leica compact camera looks absolutely delicious. It even comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. Just look at the specification-

1. Vario Elmar 25-300mm f3.3-4.9 ASPH lens.
2. 12mp resolution
3. 3" LCD screen with 460k dots
4. Built in GPS
5. 720p video

Anybody wanna send 1 over to me for a quick review or comparison with the Panasonic equivalent? Hehe. I haven't heard about the Panasonic equivalent but I'm sure there's 1 out there. I wish a bag of money would drop from the sky soon so I can go grab 1. Haha.


anf said...

Equivalent to Pana's ZS7

But of course it looks more delicious

Ian Ho said...

Ooooh ok, checking out the link the link u provided now.

Ian Ho said...

Just checked it out at dpreview, the Panasonic is sooooooooooooooo ugly. Why oh why do the Japanese persist with the ugly words all over the camera? We dont need a catalog on the camera itself. Just give us a plain black beauty for god's sake. LOL

anf said...

Personally I am not feeling it as I hate the name (too complicated) and don't really like the handle.

And yeah, it is such a simple idea to "NOT" put all the stickers, badges everything onto the front.

Maybe they have some sort of agreement to put those specs on it? (Much like the Windows PCs having Intel badges yadayada ugly things on it)