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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Apacer AM500 memory card reader

I've been using this so called USB2.0 All in 1 Card Reader. It's an absolute nightmare.

I thought all card readers rated as USB2.0 should have the same performance. How wrong. I never realised how slow this card reader is coz I always upload the pics after taking a few shots for my PC Modding worklogs. I only realised it's dog slow when I came back from the trip to Shanghai when I had 2 full 4gb CF cards n a full 2gb SD card. It took an eternity to upload the pics to my PC. So I went n bought a proper card reader yesterday. I had my eye on the Buffalo n Sandisk brands coz I've read their pretty fast. Couldn't find Buffalo so I looked at the Sandisk Imagemate which came with some freebies like Photoshop Album. It looks pretty good too with a docking station.

Then I saw a really stylish looking reader called Apacer AM500. I whipped out my iPhone n did a quick Google search on it. Seems it's a just released high performance product from Apacer so I bought it immediately. It's a sexy beast. The casing is sandblasted aluminum with black chrome trim. Looooooooovely just fantabulously looovely. I like all my things in black. It supports all major memory card formats. Here's how it looks like.
Apacer AM500 card reader

Apacer AM500 card reader

Apacer Am500 card reader

Apacer AM500 card reader

Looks nice eh? Howzabout the performance? Well, I ripped it out of the box as soon as I got home n did a quick test. I had a 2gb SD card with 920mb worth of pics in it so I used that for the tranfer test. I tested by transferring the 920mb to my PC using Windows Vista n timed how long it would take to completely transfer over to the PC.

Vitac All in 1- took 15 minutes and 26 seconds.
Apacer AM500- took 1 minute and 18 seconds!!!!!

Incredible results I would say. The Apacer AM500 did it at more than ten times the speed of that generic piece of $#!7. LOL. This Apacer AM500 card reader gets 10 thumbs up from me. Awesome performance n svelte sexy look with superb build quality.

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Squashy said...

The million dollar question, berapa?

ianho said...

I got it for rm65. This card reader is da bomb!

albert said...

How does it compare to the dSLRs? Last I read, the Sonys are supposed to be speedy card readers themselves.

ianho said...

Hmmmmmmm, I'll try out the AM500 vs my A200 n see how it goes. Will post the results after I've done it.