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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Went to Leica fair today

Arggggggggggghhhh............. went all the way to town to see the Leica fair n turns out it was a puny lil glass case which is not even worth 2 minutes of my time.

Just look at how small the glass case of Leica stuff is when Epicenter booked the whole concourse area at The Pavilion but only alotted a puny glass case for Leica. If they're gonna treat the Leica brand like that, all I can say is god bless them.

Leica fair

I thought I could go there n try out the M8. The lousy salesman wasn't even interested to serve. He even turn around n showed me his backside when he heard me telling my wife I was interested in trying out the M8. He probably took 1 look at this old man wearing rotten tshirt, shorts n sandals n decided I was a fisherman not worth his time. LOL

Leica fair

After that last pic with flash, he turned around n realised I was holding a Leica. I continued taking a few more pics while he was so puzzled n shocked when he saw the Ricoh LC-1 Transformers looking thingy in front of my lens. He was about to ask me what it was, I think, but due to his useless could't careless attitude in the beginning, I just walked off after taking this last pic of the glass case. LOL

Epicenter better buck up if they hope to do well with their Leica sales. With that kinda premium pricing, Leica's target market is not the common person in the street so they better train up the sales ppl to do a proper job. I give a big thumbs down to Epicenter.

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