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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leica Leica Leica

Phew, it's been hectic the past few days. My dad's in the hospital for some surgery n I've been at the hospital visiting. I needed something to do in between the waiting n all, so I loaded some movies into my iPhone. I just watched this really funny movie n guess what? It's practically a Leica advertisement. Almost everyone uses a Leica in the show. The movie is called Euro Trip n it's pretty funny for some mindless entertainment. Hehehe. Here's a few pics of Leica starring in it.

Here's a short clip I took from the movie where the guy is showing off his M7. The best part is right at the end. Listen to what the guy with long hair says right at the end. hahaha.


I can take off everything but the Leica........... Hehehe

Leica M7 in the sand!!!!!! NOOOooooooooooooooooo...............

This is what we call a Leica moment. LOL.

If you're a Leica fan, watch this movie just coz of the Leica content. If you're not a Leica fan, watch it anyway coz it is pretty funny. Just dont watch it in a place that's supposed to be quiet like the hospital. You'll find it difficult to contain yourself. Haha.

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