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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Flash for D-Lux4 n LX3

I recently read that Olympus flashes will work in Panasonic cameras n vice versa. I also own an Olympus SP350 which could use it. Soooo............. off I went in search of a nice n cheap Olympus flash. I wanted something cheap n compact as I already have a big flash for my Sony Alpha DSLR. I really like the Leica CF22 flash but it's not available yet. The Panasonic FL360 costs about $300, is so big n ugly on top of our sexy lil LX3/DL4. It's just waaaaaaaaaaay too ugly for my tastes.

I went looking for the Olympus FL20 which is small, light, compact n cheap. It costs only about $100. Found it at a local camera shop called Photo Trillion at Mid Valley Mall n proceeded to try it out. I'll just add that Photo Trillion provides top notch customer service. Here's how the FL20 looks like. It's very small n compact, looks perfect sitting on top of the LX3/DL4. Sry, forgot to take a pic of it sitting on top of my camera.
Olympus FL20

Here's a reference pic taken by the DL4 without flash.

DL4 with pop up flash.

DL4 with the Olympus FL20 on Auto mode. It doesn't do TTL. I tried, it doesn't fire.

Argggggggggghhhhhh, as u can see, the auto mode doesn't work too well. TTL doesn't work at all. The only way to get proper pics would be to set it manually. Getting a manual flash for the LX3/DL4 is gonna be kinda silly so I didn't. I want a full auto flash that complements the instant point n shoot capability of the cam. Looks like I'll hafta wait for the Leica CF22 then. :(

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Ian Ho said...

Hi there,

My name is also Ian Ho, and I'm from Singapore... haha happened to chance upon your blog because used to be my old blog address which is now taken over by you. AND coincidentally... I also love photography and computer AND own an LX3 too!

This is really strange...

My blog now is

Cool stuff btw! Is there any diff between the d-lux 4 and the LX3?

Ian Ho said...

sorry its!

ianho said...

Oh, lucky me. :) I was so happy when I got the account.

Firdaus said...

Leica's strength is available light photography. Japanese camera's strength is flash photography. Try the Leica without flash and you'll soon discover what you've been missing.

ianho said...

I dont care what strengths they have. I'm a gadget junkie n that CF22 flash looks deeeeeeeelicious. Hehehe.

SteveP said...

The Sunpak "Digital Camera Flash" woks well at F4 on AP and does bounce as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm using Olympus FL-36R w/ LX3 camera. It makes it a bit top-heavy, but you get both TTL and bounce. Works great so far.

Ian Ho said...

Problem with that flash is that it doesn't do TTL when bounced. Seems rather silly to have a swivel n tilt head that doesn't do TTL when it's tilted up. Might as well use the pop up if we're gonna do a full frontal flash