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Monday, November 2, 2009

Arghhhhhh PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

I've been out of action for a week. So much painnnnnnnnnnnnn................ Had oral surgery done last week to remove a wisdom tooth and I can tell you it's absolute hell. My wisdom tooth is the worst kind to have. It grows out horizontally so the surgeon has to cut the tooth into 4 pieces and also cut into my jaw bone to get the tooth out. Here's how the tooth looks like now. Gruesome isn't it? Now just imagine what the surgeon had to do to my jawbone to get that tooth out.

I went to a highly recommended surgeon who did a really good job. He put me on IV so I'll be kinda sleeping and I won't feel or remember anything happening during the surgery. When everything was done, I was taken to a very nice n comfortable, personal recovery room with a big lazyboy chair and nice soothing music to sleep off the drug I was given. I don't know how many hours I slept in that room but it sure felt like an eternity. I really slept like a baby with all that medicine in my blood.

The pain really hit me when I woke up. It was like PHWOARRRRRRRRR!!!!!! PAIN PAIN PAIN PAINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! So they gave me lotsa codeine to take the pain away. Good stuff that codeine. It must have been industrial strength codeine good enough for elephants I guess. LOL. It only took about 15 minutes to kick in and my jaw felt totally numb after that. I was given enough codeine to last for 3 days only. After that it's down to ponstan which is nowhere near as effective as codeine. We're not allowed to take anymore codeine than needed as it's highly addictive according to the doctor. So I've been relying on ponstan since then and I've been in pain since.

It's so painful,that every meal is like going to hell. I can hardly open my mouth. It takes me about 1.5 hours to get through a hotdog! Worst thing is..... after that hotdog my whole left jaw was swollen like a grapefruit. It was incredibly painful but I just had to have the hotdog after many days of liquid diet. Was the hotdog worth the pain? Hell yeah! It was my favorite Ikea hotdog. Hehehe. Anyone wanna share my lunch? Hehehe. Don't worry I didn't eat 6 hotdogs. It was for my family of 5. LOL

I did regret a lil bit after the hotdog though as the swelling stayed and I had to ice pack my jaw the whole night. The swelling only went away the next day. Guess what I did after that? I went to Carl's Junior for my favorite Chilli Dog. Haha, I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. With a Chilli Dog deal like this, I just couldn't help myself. A nice fat Chilli Dog with unlimited refill softdrink for only rm9.99.

After that, I had to go see Mr Icepack all over again. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! LOL.


Anonymous said...

I think ur dentist did a bang up job....hahaha. My friend had 4 removed and he was aright after that. In fact we went for Thai food just a few days later...All hot, spicy and deep fried.

Ian Ho said...

I went to 1 of the best surgeons around. Highly recommended and highly priced. LOL. It wasn't his fault as it had already been explained to me that my wisdom tooth is the worst possible type to have. They grow out horizontally and the surgeon has to cut my jawbone to remove the tooth.

It's not a simple extraction. Simple wisdom tooth extractions can be done by normal dentists. My type of nightmare wisdom tooth can only be done by surgeons.