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Sunday, November 29, 2009

LYN Photographers gathering

Just came home from another great session with the guys from photography section. Canon, Nikon and Sony gangsters were in attendance. Unfortunately Nikon gal couldn't make it and Pentax boy didn't come. LOL. Finally managed to get a Sony guy to come out. I used to be the only Sony guy at these gatherings. We finally have another Sony guy sporting enough to chill with us. Thumbs up to you William.

Here's a group photo...........................................................
of the hardware. Hehe

That's like rm70,000 worth of hardware right there maaaaaaaaan. If a few more of the regulars had turned up, it would have easily exceeded rm100,000!!!!!!!! LYN members are some really loaded buggers eh?

Added on December 1st: Someone ABUSED my 5D MkII!!!!!!!! I don't know which crazy fella took these shots with my 5D MkII last night but he sure abused it big time and showed it who's the daddy. He whipped my camera upside down at ISO 6400. LOL. All these pictures were shot at ISO6400!!!!! You god damn ISO Abuser! Whoever you are, I'm gonna get you next time. LOL

lwliam & Mrs.



Some1's friend(please update me on his name if any1 here knows).




goldfries said...

I didn't bring my gears only. :D if i bring then you can add another 5 digits. there. :P if not also high 4 digits.

mr_habuk said... time i should be on the list..

Ian Ho said...

5 digits. Hmmmmmmmmmmm...... I think ur hiding sumthin from us. U must have bought the 5D already if ur talkin bout 5 figures.

Ian Ho said...

Told u to come isn't it????? Seeing all that loooovely hardware on the table's making u regret u didn't come over eh? Hehehe

Guek's Space said...

Waiting for more pic lah, tot uncle got other photo hiding in the leica.

Ian Ho said...

Leica only 1 pic. Will post up some of the shots taken by the guys using my 5D MkII when I get home 2nite. Am up in the mountains shooting now. hehe.

Guek's Space said...

LOL...thought it's "FOGGING" everywhere...haha

Ian Ho said...

Ya maaaaan. I got FOGGED UP! LOL. It was simply too foggy to do anything today.

William Leong said...

come come, next round!
inform me in case i didnt notice LYN TT thread

khpc82 said...

Woo la la....really all the big guns of lowyat....^^