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Monday, November 30, 2009

Landscape Photography Guide Book

After getting FOGGED UP by the weather today and not getting any landscape shots done. I came back down to KL City and got a Landscape Photography guide book. Since I can't shoot landscapes today, I might as well read about it. Hehehe. Turns out, it's a pretty nice book. It's a magazine format actually. It's printed by the same people who do the magazine called Digital SLR Photography. I thought I'd share some of the contents with you guys.

Nice eh? It's a nice fat magazine with 143 pages of great info. Those of you who are into Landscape Photography, GO GO GO get it at the local bookshops now. It's only rm19.90.

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wonderwall said...

Landscape photography
is not about a specific place, but about seeing the significance of the natural world around you every day. Your own backyard literally can be a great starting place because you know it better than any other place. If you don’t have a backyard to call your own, a city or county park, a campground or even a drainage pond bordering the local shopping mall can provide a great starting place to explore landscape photography.