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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's a lil something I bought recently. Didn't have time to write about it. It's a neoprene protective cover for the lens. I had this on my Sigma 70-200 f2.8 last time. The Sigma was a black beast so I kept to the theme and used a black LensCoat on it. Here's how it looked like on my Sigma.

What I really wanted was the Camouflage LensCoat when I got myself a Canon 70-200 f2.8L IS. So I bought the Forest Green Camo LensCoat just after buying my new Canon lens. Hehe. Here's how it looks like.

I absolutely love it. It provides really good protection from minor bumps and scrapes. It will also help keep prying eyes away too. I hate walking around with a big white lens while on vacation as it attracts unnecessary attention. I don't mind when normal looking people are staring but when shady characters start staring, that's when I get worried. I don't wanna get clobbered on the head and the camera stolen, just because every Tom, Dick and idiot knows that a white lens costs big money.

It costs a bomb. I paid SGD135(USD100) for it in Singapore and it hurts the wallet just a wee bit but I'm happy with it and that's all that counts. Hehe. I kinda like the Digital Camo color too but that wasn't available when I bought mine so I might get that next time so I can match it to the new digital camo Crumpler Industry Disgrace strap I just bought. Looks kinda funny with forest camo on the lens and digital camo on the strap now.


CHIA said...

Will be nice if you can share where was this purchased in Singapore locally. Thank you

Ian Ho said...

I bought it from Cathay Photo