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Thursday, December 10, 2009

EOS 5D MkII bag tag

Here's something I bought recently. It's really cool for Canon EOS fans or 5D MkII owners. It's a bag tag in the form of a 5D MkII with an EF50mm f1.4 lens on it. It's made of 3D rubber. It actually feels like a mini camera, just thinner. Hehe. I should have bought 2 so I can have 1 on each of my camera bags.


Mark Leo said...

Wah quite nice and unique! I wonder if they have one for Nikon as well ;)

flubear said...

Hi Ian,

May I know where could I get this ?


Ian Ho said...

I got it from overseas. We can't get cool stuff like that in Malaysia. :(

rarye said...

hello mr Ian.

Can I ask where you buy it from oversea? I am currently residing in UK and was hoping to get one :)

Ian Ho said...

rarye, I bought it from a Canon Concept Store. Maybe you can try the nearest concept store in the UK?