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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toshiba High Speed 8gb SDHC

I just bought this Toshiba Micro SDHC card recently. It's actually a Micro SD card but comes with an SD card adapter. It's about time I upgraded from the puny 2gb card I had in the Leica D-Lux4. I was using 2 units of 2gb cards and it was a huge pain in the butt. I had to keep deleting stuff throughout the day and only keep the really nice pictures. I'd rather do that after I get home. The capacity was terrible for 720p HD videos too.

With 8gb, I now get about 1700+ JPEG shots at maximum resolution of 10mp or about 11 minutes of 720p video. I've been trying it out for a couple of weeks now with stills+video and it's been totally reliable so far. It comes with a 5 year warranty from the local distributor too. Be sure to register online if you get 1. It's really cheap at rm69(USD20) and the Toshiba brand provides peace of mind. Good stuff.


josna said...

Samsung has just unveiled their rugged version of 8gb sdhcsomehow related to Samsung B2100 which proved to be rugged enough to swim deep. We don’t want to tell this, but the company promises with this SDHC card “You’ll never lose data”.

Besides from unwanted data loss, this champagne finished memory card is water-proof, shock-proof and magnet-proof. Samsung also deem ten years life-span for these cards.

Meanwhile, there are still no words on its price but it will be first release on Europe.

pallab said...

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Ian Ho said...

Wow that Samsung card sounds good Josna.

Welcome to my blog pallab. Hope u enjoy reading many more articles here. Don't forget to support this blog by checking out the advertisements ya? :)

jackorock said...

wow, tat's cheap. where u get that? directly from factory ?

Ian Ho said...

I bought it from the neighbourhood computer store. Wasn't on offer or anything.

jackorock said...

oo.. tat's cheap! i oso wanna buy a 8Gb one at lowyat la..