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Monday, December 7, 2009

Canon EOS 1D MkIV speeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Here's a video I just saw. It's made by Ole Jorgen Liodden of

Canon 1D Mark IV Frame Rate from Ole Jørgen Liodden on Vimeo.

This is how it looks like through the viewfinder.

Canon 1D Mark IV from Ole Jørgen Liodden on Vimeo.

Just look at the speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Listen to Ole Jorgen Liodden's reaction at the end. LOL. This 1D MkIV sure is making me itchy. If an armored truck or something overturned and exploded with money bags strewn all over the road, I think I'll grab a few of those bags and get myself a 1D MkIV too. Hehehe. It would complement my 5D MkII perfectly.


rainBow said...

hye ian sorry to bother u just want to ask for your opinion..i am planning to buy canon ixus as my new compact camera ..but could you give me some advice on which camera that i should buy since canon have a few models of ixus :( my friend already got a 95is but i don't want to have same camera as hers..need your advice.

Ian Ho said...

I don't know about the ixus line but I'd look for something with a 24mm wide angle or at least a 28mm wide angle. I don't really care much about long zooms coz it's pretty much useless on a compact camera anyway. Also make sure u get 1 with IS.

rainBow said...

well i am thinking of buying 120is or 200is i think 120is got the 28mm and 200is got 24mm but the thing is 200is is a touch screen camera ... i have really bad experience with touch screen things but then again the angle is 24mm..hmm well here is the link .. hope you could give some advice

Ian Ho said...

From the spec sheet both look pretty similar. Main difference I can see is that the 200IS does 24mm n 1/3000 shutter speed. The 200IS costs rm1400 though.

If ur looking to spend rm1400, I suggest u take a look at the Panasonic LX3. It's about the same price. Fantastic camera with 24mm wide, n f2.0 lens. Picture quality is awesome too with the Leica lens. I absolutely love the LX3 n Leica D-Lux4. I use them a lot eventhough I have a superb SLR.

rainBow said...

ok thanks :) and where can i get the panasonic lx3? i'm afraid they don;t have it here in sabah.. if i were to buy them in kl..ehich store should i go?

Ian Ho said...

If ur in KL, just go to Sg Wang n Lowyat area. Plenty of shops there for u to walk around n bargain. I usually buy my stuff from Boeing camera.