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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kingston Elite Pro 16gb CF card

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Just bought this for my EOS 5D MkII. It's a Kingston Elite Pro 133x CF card. I will no longer crave for more capacity.

I've been suffering with 4gb cards all along. A 4gb card is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay short of capacity when used in my 5D MkII. I loved that card though, it was fast and reliable. That 4gb card is a Kingston Ultimate which is supposedly twice as fast as the Elite Pro. I've been wanting to buy a 16gb Kingston Ultimate for a looooooooooong time but the local shops haven't had it in stock for some reason.

I got fed up and decided to just grab an Elite Pro 16gb for now. I really, really need the capacity. You know what? I'm glad I did coz I've been playing with it the past 2 days and it's great in my 5D MkII. I tried burst shots, 1080p videos, RAW shots, JPEG shots and it took it all in stride. Best thing is, the Elite Pro is half the price of the Ultimate card. I bought it for only rm144(USD40). I can have 2x 16gb Elite Pro for the price of a single Ultimate card. Good value for money I'd say. lucky for me the local shops didn't have the Ultimate 16gb in stock. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my NG Store post. When I picked up my 5DII a year ago this month, I switched to 2x8GB Sandisk Extreme Ducati Edition. This was plenty of storage when shooting Large JPEGs which I do mostly and RAWs for commercial work.

Mid of 2009, I added an 16GB Extreme 4 which works beautifully of course. I guess even vacation photos shot in sRAW1 would be OK if you're not trigger happy.

Then last month, on way out of Singapore, I picked up a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Flash Drive .. the chassis is metal so I guess they've designed it to withstand physical abuse and the only reminder you have an Extreme pen drive plugged in is the orangy glow of the word "Extreme" which fades in and out elegantly. For now, the 32GB provides good enough backup capacity on the day of a wedding shoot when we're back in the hotel room downloading the day's shoot .. gives me extra assurance of files copied to solid state media.

Ian Ho said...

Hello Jan,

Welcome to my blog. Hehe. I stumbled upon your blog while googling for Canon Lens Work III. I was trying to find out what the latest edition was coz I have the 10th Edition.

After that I started reading the other stuff once I read your "Accidental Artist" article. Kinda reminded me of the Canon(SLR or Rangefinder, I can't remember which) my dad gave me when I was a kid.

Anyway, my dad passed away last December and it brought me back to photography as I needed something to take away my pain. I've since rediscovered my love for photography.

About the CF card, I was contemplating the Sandisk cards but I've read horror stories of Sandisk Extreme III 8gb cards in 5D MkII. So I stayed away from Sandisk. I've been using Kingston all along with great reliability and decided to stick with Kingston. I may get a Sandisk for my next 16gb card based on your good experiences with Sandisk though.