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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leica X1

Oooooooooh this looks really yummy. Just 1 more day to the official announcement from Leica. This camera is absolutely deeeeeeeelicious. Rumours say it's gonna be 12mp, 24mm f2.8 lens and finally a proper APS-C sized CMOS sensor. It's supposedly gonna be made in Germany too. It's about time a proper DSLR sized sensor went into a nice compact camera. Sigma's been trying and failed with the weird sensor. Olympus and Panasonic are using the small puny Micro 4/3 sensor. Let's hope Leica does it the proper way. But then again, if all the spec rumors came true, we'd all be in trouble coz it'll be another really expensive toy to bankrupt us. Anybody wanna buy my liver so I can buy the X1? LOL


Issac Ng said...

I wish I could sell my liver to you. Anyway, really look forward with the live-webcast from Leica.

One question,
Do you still love your DL4 after you got your 5D?

Ian Ho said...

Of course I still love the DL4. It's a fantastic lil camera.

Andrius said...

What is a price for it? Suppose to be cheaper that D-Lux 4 as lens is weaker.