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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mika Hakkinen still ROCKS!!!!!

Wowzers! I was shopping for some camera stuff at Funan Digital Mall today and suddenly Mika Da Man turns up behind me at the top floor escalator. I was so pissed that I didn't have pen and paper with me. :(

BUT I was extremely lucky. My wife was waiting for me at the ground floor Food Court and she had pen and paper. Mika was right behind me all the way to the groundfloor. How lucky am I? Hehehe. So I quickly rushed to Subway Sandwich where my was, grabbed the pen and paper, went back to Mika who was still walking around the groundfloor. I called out "Hi Mika, would you mind signing your autograph for me please?". He was most gracious and friendly. He seemed really happy to see me telling my wife and kids about the legendary Mika Hakkinen too.

I told him I was a long time fan of his while he was signing the autograph. Shook hands and said thanks a lot for the autograph and asked if he would mind me taking a photo with him. He was most gracious and agreed to the photo. I said thanks again and he replied "You're most welcome". I really didn't wanna intrude on his private time while shopping in Singapore but being a long time fan, I just had to give it a shot. I'm happy I did, as I've learnt from my experience today that Mika Hakkinen still ROCKS and is such a nice person even with this crazy person bugging him for an autograph and picture. LOL.

Thanks for the autograph and picture Mika, you're a legend and you still ROCK!

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Bowdacious B said...

Whoa~ You're damn lucky!

Maybe... just maybe one of the days, I'll get the chance:D